Heat Cleanings

When we do a maintenance service on a oil or gas heating system, we check the system from one end, to the other. We look for any current problems that exist and also check for any foreseeable problems that may occur in the near future. People often ask, what is the process and what is included. Here is our standard 10 point maintenance service.

*Heating systems oil / gas

  1. Clean heat exchanger
  2. Clean breaching
  3. Change any oil filter, air filters or belts needed
  4. Check oil system for signs of leakage
  5. Check heating system electrical system
  6. Look for any pest damage or signs of deterioration
  7. Check for fault codes
  8. Check for any current or future problems
  9. Wipe down unit jacket
  10. Do efficiency test and check operation

*Heating system service and maintenance includes fuel filters, air filters and belts if needed. Any other parts/labor will be a extra charge.

Pricing for furnace and boiler tune-ups*

$149 per unit for gas and #2 oil heating systems up to 250,000 btu input.

$199 per unit for gas and #2 oil heating systems from 250,000 btu  – 500,000 btu input.

$299 per unit for gas and #2 oil heating systems  from  500,000 btu – 1,250,000 btu input.

1,250,001 btu input and over call for pricing

Pricing for rooftop units*

$149 per rooftop unit  3 tons or less.

$199 per rooftop unit 4 – 10 tons.

For unit 10 tons or more call for pricing

* does not include the cost of lift if needed to service units.


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