Heat Pump / A/C Cleanings

Whenever we do a maintenance service for a heating and cooling systems, we do a thorough job to keep your system running properly. We look for any current problems that exist and also check for any foreseeable problems that may occur in the near future with your system. Then we will notify you of the issues and how you could address them. People often ask what’s included in a maintenance service. Here are the standard 10 point maintenance services for heat pump cooling systems.


  1. Clean and disinfect the outdoor system coil
  2. Clean any leaves out of the outside unit and wipe down jacket
  3. Inspect system for any signs of pest damage or signs of deterioration
  4. Check electrical system
  5. Check and replace any belts
  6. Clean or replace indoor system air filter
  7. Check and clean condensate drain and pump
  8. Clean jacket of indoor unit
  9. Check for fault codes
  10. Run system and check operation

*Maintenance service includes air filter and  blower belt if needed. Any other parts and labor will be an extra charge.

Pricing for residential air conditioning/ heat pump central air tune – ups*

$129 per unit up to 5 tons (1 indoor unit  – 1 outdoor unit)

Pricing for mini-spit heat pump tune – ups*

$129 per unit up (1 outdoor unit- 1 indoor unit)

$49 for each additional indoor head unit.

Pricing for rooftop units tune-ups*

$129 per unit up to 3 tons

$149 per unit up to 10 tons

10 tons and over call for pricing

Pricing for ptac units*

$129  per unit

Pricing for chillers and process cooling units

call for pricing

*prices do not include cost of lift if needed for service

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