Cooling/Heat Pumps


Your business depends on the performance of the air conditioning system to keep customers and staff happy and comfortable during the hot months. It also keeps the computer room cool, so that the computer system that your business relies on keeps running. If your air conditioning goes down, you need prompt and dependable service to get the system up and going again.

Call Pioneer Mechanical, we have 24 hour emergency services for our customers, because we know how important your business is to you. We can also schedule yearly maintenance on your system so that it can run at its best performance possible. Saving you energy cost and extending the equipment’s life. It will also reduce emergency service calls and equipment down time saving you time and money down the road.


Heat Pumps are very popular because the are efficient, quiet, offer heating and cooling from the same unit and they are easy to operate.

What we have come across many times, is that, people aren’t aware that heat pumps need to be serviced. They need to be serviced once a year and filters cleaned regularly. People go for years without having their units serviced. Which allows dirt and bacteria to build up. Then mold starts to grow. The heat pump then blows air that carries mold particles into their homes and businesses.

Mold causes many health issues and is dangerous for everyone, especially for children and for anyone that has breathing troubles.

Properly servicing your Heat Pump is very important for the efficiency of the unit and for everyone’s health. Please look at our heat pump / a/c tune up page for pricing.


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